7 small but mighty kitchen tools which make your life much easier

I waited so long for the right time to publish this blog post. And now that I'm working on my upcoming online low-carb recipe course, I think the time has come.

You already know, that I really, really love super simple recipes, that don't require fancy ingredients or tools, and are fast to make. Simple and uncomplicated, that's how I like it. However, even I have some secret tools in my kitchen, that make my cooking procedures even more simple.

Here's a list of items in my kitchen, I'd be lost without. All these tools aren't overly expensive, but really cost effective.

1. Handheld blender set


Let's start with a blender. It can get quite difficult to find the perfect blender, since they exist in such a variety. For me, it made perfect sense to get a blender set with all necessaries included.

It not only comes with the typical blender, but also a 500ml food processor, a beaker and a whisk attachment. Everything you want, if you ask me, and it doesn't need much space, since it's very well designed. The one above is not the one I have, but it's similar.

I tried two other brands, all broke down after a short while (I can be pretty harsh with them, to be honest). This one survived and was as new even after a year of use.

It looks, feels and performs brilliantly.

2. JosephJoseph M-Cuisineā„¢ rice cooker


This one's a masterpiece in terms of design and usage. I absolutely love nearly every item made by JosephJoseph, especially the M-Cuisine range. As a huge porridge lover I had to buy this one. Obviously, you can cook other things with it, such as rice, other grains and even pasta.

It's really easy to use and the fact that most parts are dual use is genious:

  • The pot part is also a strainer (filter)
  • The orange spoon also closes the lid in place

Plus, it makes you the most perfect porridge in just 3 minutes. Who doesn't love that?!

3. Mason jars


I mean - come on - everybody loves Mason jars. They are practical in so many different ways. You can use them to store sauces, rice, lentils, fresh made energy bites or silverware.

Or you can do your meal prep with them. Ever tried to make a salad in a jar? It's so delicious and it stays fresh! Heck, I even saw somebody who made chandelier and lumaniaries out of them.

4. Steel box multi grater


Before I bought this one, I struggled for months with a flat grater. Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference if you have a flat one or a box multi grater. The handling is much better and you have four different sets of blades enabling you to thinly slice, zest or finely grate something.

It's one inexpensive tool, that replaces four different tools. I love that.

5. Egg boiler


I'll be honest with you. Without an egg boiler, I would never eat hardboiled eggs. I just suck at making them without the egg boiler and never get them the way I want (usually they are way to soft).

Perfect for me, this tool includes an egg-pricker and you can make up to seven eggs in it, so it's perfect for meal prepping.

This is a compact little gadget, easy to store in a cupboard and it makes your eggs just like you want them.

Oh, and it comes with an alarm, so you know when your eggs are ready.

6. DIY potato crisps microwave maker


I'm a huge fan of crisps. That's why I'm madly in love with my microwave crisp maker. With it, you can make your own healthy version of potato or vegetable crisps. Or in American English: potato chips :)

Depending on which kind of potato you use, it takes around 3-4 minutes on 900w to make them. And it's sooo simple: Slice potatoes with the slicer, but them into the grooves, place them in the microwave and et voila: fat free crisps.

7. Bialetti Moka Express 2 cup espresso maker


One of the best purchases I've ever made and as I'm writing this post I'm sipping on a good black espresso. My Bialetti has been with me all over the world - Amsterdam, Germany, London, France. It's just perfect for traveling as it is so small.

The smell and the traditional brewing is awesome and as a real coffee lover, this is an absolute must. There's nothing like the aroma of a good coffee, that permeates a flat.

I like a good strong coffee and believe me when I say, that Bialettis are the best moka maker when it comes to that. I tried several before I bought this one and none came even close in terms of quality.

Here's one "expert" tip for you: Don't use full heat as you might damage the handle and rubber ring. The whole thing is quite small, so keep it on medium heat and give it a few seconds more. This way the end result will also not get a smoky flavour, which most people dislike.

Do you have kitchen tools you can't live without? I would love to hear about your absolute favourites and why you like them! Please let me know in the comment section down below.

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