Bikini competition journal 8 weeks out - valuable things I learned

Hey, peeps!

Thank you for checking back on how I'm doing as I prepare for my first bikini contest in April 29th, 2017.

After being in prep now for over two months, I feel like it's getting quite serious. I'm deep in the mindset and even if there are hard moments, I just want to keep going and want to work as hard as possible to reach my goal.

What's really motivating me are the people from the gym who came to me and tell me how amazing I look. Thank you so much for that! You don't know how those kind words push me and make my day!

Seeing small changes in my physique keeps me excited to keep going and stick to the plan, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Sometimes there are more bad days than good days, but you will never hear me complaining. I decided to do this. It's my choice, so I have to get through those downs and maybe even embrace them. I believe in being as transparent as possible during this process.

It's fun, challenging, difficult, a complete mind fuck, mentally and physically taxing. Some days I feel like a warrior and other days I want to crawl into a whole bag of snickers and never come out again. I saw many competitors only share their highlights. Highlights are amazing, but there is so much more that happens throughout the process.

What's the most difficult part? Definitely loving myself enough to show on stage how proud I am. I'm always very critical. When I look at things, I see what could make them better. Same with my body. Less bump, more back, longer legs. Don't get me wrong. I am proud of myself, but not proud enough yet. But I will get there!

I am more skilled now at listening to my body and I will continue to do that.

Diet consists of
  • 150g protein
  • 180g carbs
  • 37g fat

Since I started this prep I've been very strict about my diet, and that's something I'm really proud about. I decided to don't do a cheat meal every week from now on. Simply because my body doesn't want to lose those extra calories as fast as I would like.

Therefore, for me a weekly cheat meal is a waste of time and much needed energy. Plus, to be honest I don't really need it, since it's proven that it has definitely no impact on the metabolism. If I'm feeling tired or sluggish, I will allow myself a cheat meal in the range of 800 extra calories.

A lifesaver for me are frozen grapes every time I'm craving something sweet. Try it out! Tastes like ice cream.

Training split

Training split remains the same, but I'm doing 4 cardio sessions per week additionally to that. Depending on how the weightlifting went that day, I'm doing steady state or HIIT.

  • Monday: Active recovery/cardio
  • Tuesday: Back (high volume) + 30min cardio
  • Wednesday: Legs (high volume)
  • Thursday: Arms/Shoulders (high volume) + 30min cardio
  • Friday: Back (high weight)
  • Saturday: Legs (high weight) + 30min cardio
  • Sunday: Arms/Chest (high weight)

I can feel now, that my recovery is not as good as it used to be. I'm sore more often and for a longer time. To be honest, I kind of missed that feeling, so it's not that bad.

Two weeks ago I started with my posing practice. I absolutely love it. It's a new side of myself I have to discover and I enjoy it to the fullest.


Supplementation stays the same:

  • Vitamin C (twice a day)
  • Vitamin D3 (5000 IUs per day)
  • Creatine (5g per day)
  • Whey protein powder as needed
  • Magnesium (1g per day)
  • Fish oil capsules (2g per day)

What's up next?

I need to register for my show and order my bikini. I don't have any idea which colour I should choose. Any recommendations are appreciated! Just let me know in the comment section what you think.

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See you next time.

Until then, train hard and eat right!

Cheers, Sarah

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