Competition Journal 15 weeks out

Hey guys,

I'm currently 15 weeks away from my first contest.
This is my second journal entry. Make sure to also read the first entry.

Competitive bodybuilding is even tougher than 'normal' bodybuilding. I now have a time frame to concern myself with. I begin to worry about wether or not cheating on my diet will knock me down in placing. I no longer have the luxury of time. A setback is no option for me. If I can't control myself right now, how am I supposed to defeat other bodybuilders on stage?

Last week we visited our family and friends in Germany for 3 days and I had twisted feelings about my diet. I also had to take a break from weightlifting during these days. That's why I tried to focus on a decent protein intake and reduced carbs to under 100 grams. I pretty much stuck to it. One just needs to plan carefully. For instance, I bought a lot of protein bars and always carried a protein shake with me.

One thing I can strongly recommend, if you're thinking about competing: talk to everybody about your plan! Talking about the show in April to friends and family helps me staying on track. Plus, they also understand that I can't eat too much when we meet for lunch or dinner.

We are finally back home in London now and I can work out again. I missed my routine. It's impressive how fast your body adapts to regular exercise. You somehow need it in order to think clearly and stay focused.

Today was an easy day. One of these day's where you just do your stuff and stick with it. I'm proud of myself. My husband, which is currently not in prep, had a huge dinner with crumpets (which I LOVE!), biscuits, bagels and stuff. But I am totally on plan. It wasn't even difficult.

Got my arm workout done this morning, which went also very well. Some veins slowly showing as I'm leaning out.

I know I've been losing weight slowly at the moment. That's intentional. Last time I weighted myself I was slightly under 60 kg. I want to lose body fat slowly, by maintaining more size, strength and fullness. So far so good.

I'll keep the calories at 1600, divided into 3 meals, but over the next few weeks I definitely need to kick the fat loss up a notch. I have not yet had to add any additional cardio sessions. When I notice my fat loss starts to plateau, I will slowly add some cardio.

After all, I have 15 weeks left and I'm already in a decent shape. My mood and motivation are overall at a pretty high level. I'm not that temped by junk food right now, but I definitely crave more food, since I'm lifting 6 times per week.

The performance aspect of fitness competition just amazes me. Unlike some other sports, it requires a ton of dedication and an perfect all-around physical fitness level.

Die consists of
  • 130g protein
  • 100-120g carbs
  • 40-50g fat
    As I said in my first log, I'm still following a vegetarian diet.
Training split

Training remains the same. I'm training fasted with 5g BCAA in the morning.

  • Monday: Active recovery/cardio
  • Tuesday: Back (high volume)
  • Wednesday: Legs (high volume)
  • Thursday: Arms/Shoulders (high volume)
  • Friday: Back (high weight)
  • Saturday: Legs (high weight)
  • Sunday: Arms/Chest (high weight)
  • Vitamin C (twice a day)
  • Vitamin D3 (5000 IUs per day)
  • Creatine
  • BCAA's (pre-workout)
  • 25g of Whey protein powder (twice a day)

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See you next time.

Until then, train hard and eat right!

Cheers, Sarah

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