Why you don't need detox teas and should stop drinking them NOW for the sake of your health!

Detox teas have been all over social media and the hype just doesn't seem to stop. If you follow any celebrity or fitness guru, chances are you've seen some kind of detox tea or juice.

They are marketed to be some kind of miracle product.

Before you go right ahead and buy a pack of detox tea, read on and let me tell you why these teas are not as magical as you think they are.

What is a detox tea

The majority of detox teas are a mixture of various herbal teas, such as green tea, mate teas, oolong and black tea. Some of them contain additional "superfoods" like goji berries, ginseng, green powders etc.

You get it, detox teas are simply basic teas mixed together, that cost almost nothing to produce. Therefore more money can be spent on marketing campaigns. That's the reason why you see so many celebrities and "fitness gurus" promoting these products, not because they actually work.

Do they deliver what they promise?


Let's get it right out of the way, such detoxes and cleanses aren't going to cure all your illnesses or detox your body in any way.

Truth is, there is no proven evidence that those trendy cleanses and detox diets help to reduce or reverse the damages of toxins in our bodies.

In fact, drinking herbal tea, cold-pressed juices or lemonade isn't going to do anything about it. You will do a lot more for your body if you exercise regularly, eat a lot of nutritious foods, quit smoking, watch your alcohol intake, minimise drug and medication use, get enough sleep and manage your stress levels.

There are no shortcuts to a healthier life and longevity, and an overpriced tea won't help you with anything. If your lifestyle is shitty, you can't undo it by taking "magic" pills, powders, teas, juices and cleanses.

Detox teas and weight loss

The rapid weight loss aspect is the strongest selling point for many of these detox diets.

On top of drinking these teas and juices you have to restrict your calorie intake tremendously. Mind, every starvation diet will induce a rapid loss of weight. However, you will lose mostly water, glycogen and muscle mass, and some body fat.

Remember, the goal is to lose body fat, not muscle mass!

Furthermore, a very low-calorie diet comes with quite a few negative side effects. Your energy levels will crash, you'll struggle with hunger, cravings, depression and more.

Never even think about trying such weight loss extremes no matter how sexy the marketing claims are. They're completely unnecessary and your money is better invested in real food and good advice!

Instead, opt for a natural method to "detox": Live healthy.

How to lose weight the right way


Here's the trick to a healthy lifestyle with long-term success in weight loss: Work on your eating habits, incorporate long-term changes over time and eat a well balanced, nutritious diet.

Remember that no hyped food trend should eliminate whole food groups from your diet. And why not eat a very wholesome and nutritious diet and enjoy a chocolate bar every now and then? You don't have to feel guilty if you crave something sweet.

Actually, the basics of losing weight the healthy way are quite simple:

  • Calories are king. You have to consume fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight. Carbs don't make you fat! Fat does not make you fat! The goal is to eat as many calories as possible, while still being in a slight caloric deficit (10-20% tops)
  • A diet high in protein will lead to better results across the board. Even when consumed calories are equal! Aim for roughly 2g per kg / 1g per pound of body weight per day
  • Don't do high fat AND high carb. Some people do better with high carbs, some better on high fat. Don't mix both
  • You don't have to do any exercise to lose weight. But, it's easier when you work out, because you can eat more and you'll look better in the end
  • Make sure to focus on weight lifting, instead of cardio

Another common mistake people make is they eat too many foods that are high in calories but don't satiate them well.

What exactly are "toxins" and how do our bodies process them?


Basically, a toxin is a poisonous substance, which can be ingested or inhaled. There are not only chemicals but also abound in nature.

See, your body is constantly bombarded with toxins, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If your body wouldn't know how to respond to them, our species wouldn't have survived very long.

Look, if you have a liver, you don't need detox cleanses. The liver creates, stores and controls the systemic levels of various proteins and nutrients, which are vital for life. Furthermore, it clears toxic or unwanted substances from the blood.

A lot of people make claims about "detoxing" the kidneys. Utter nonsense. Similar to the liver, they remove toxins and waste products from the blood. But they don't store them, as it's often claimed.

So, you can rest easy, you won't die if you're not buying detox teas or cleanses. Your body is supposed to do it by itself.

Have you tried a detox diet before? If so, which product did you try and how was it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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