Simple ways to reduce calories

There are so many hidden and empty calories, which you could cut off easily without even noticing. Losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself or spending hours on cardio at the gym.

Let’s be honest: Nobody wants you to ban his favourite chocolate completely out of his life. But we have to remind ourselves, that even the small changes are important.

Most attempts at weight loss fail, because people try to achieve too much too fast. In fact, also the small steps can lead to big results if you do them right and stick to them.

Here are some simple tips to reduce your calorie intake easily:

Don’t drink calories

You might not realise how many calories the beverages you drink contain, but they can add up pretty quickly. Start by skipping sodas and ice tea and add more plain water to your diet.

If you like water with a fruity taste, try fruit infused water. That's a great way to optimise your vitamin and mineral intake, too. Delicious are mint and strawberries or cucumber with lemon.

Measure you portions

Many of us have a serious portion disorder. Therefore, measuring your portions can save you lots of calories. Furthermore, you start realising which foods really fill you up and which won't.

Use a plate

Eating food from a plate or bowl will reduce the amount you’re going to eat. Snacking out of the crisp bag makes it easier to eat more than you intend to. Especially when you're watching TV.

Also consider to downsize your plate. If you’re using a 12-inch plate, switch to a 9-inch plate.

Fill you up with less

There are some simple hacks, which make you feel more satiated by eating much smaller portions. Such as eating two boiled or poached eggs for breakfast, enjoy one cup of low calorie soup before every lunch and dinner, or drink a tall glass of water to each meal.

Additionally, increasing your protein and fat intake by reducing your carbohydrate intake, will fill you up longer, because your body needs much longer to digest it. Here are some simple recipes for you.

Eat less pasta

One cup of pasta is about 220 calories! But no one eats just one cup.

Limit your pasta intake or consider better alternatives like zucchini pasta or protein pasta, which is made out of black beans and is high in protein.

Two wheels are better than four

Choose the bike over the car. You’ll feel much better and more energised when you arrive at work. And you more likely to avoid traffic jams and save some time.

Skip the cardio

You read that right. Instead of spending hours on the treadmill and elliptical, work your muscles from head to toe. Start with full body exercises, like barbell squats, deadlifts and benchpresses.

Weightlifting will boost your metabolism and due to more muscle mass, you’ll burn more on your daily activities.

Consider skinny substitution

If you love whipped cream, whole milk and syrups, you should consider to buy skinny versions of them. Instead of a coffee with whipped cream try an espresso. Use skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Use honey instead of syrup. You have lots of options, just read the nutrition labels and compare the foods to one another.

Keep in mind that not all calories are created equal. It is important to focus on good quality calories. You can’t eat sugary foods and fast food and expect to be healthy. Well, you may loose weight, if you’re eating the right caloric amount, but you’ll feel and look like crap.

Your body works at its best with whole foods and nutritious ingredients.

So stay healthy and fit!

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