The Beginning

Why we do what we do

Hey there,

since this is our first post, we wanted to give you a quick introduction — what we do and why we do it.

We are a team of young entrepreneurs from Germany but we’re currently living in London.

Before we came to the UK we were working decent jobs, but never felt satisfied with what we achieved. Clients and corporate structure hindered us and the jobs were meaningless. We realised that we needed a change.

Another job, another city, maybe even another country! At the same time we became more and more frustrated with the fitness industry. Lies over lies, useless supplements, diet plans and scams — and people even paid for it! We can do better than that!

That’s why we decided to build our own business and start over. A few weeks later our journey began — we moved to London to start our own business.

But let’s rewind for a second. I want to be honest with you guys: A few years ago, I ate like crap. And so was my appearance and my health. I slept most of the day, I ate highly processed food and way too much junk food every day, and I rarely went outside for a walk. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, the only place I have to live in.

That changed quickly after we signed up for a gym, trained several times per week and changed our eating habits tremendously. We pushed ourselves to the limits and were surprised what we were capable of.

We began to read as much scientific articles and books about nutrition and training as possible. We soon realised that we don’t want this knowledge just for us. We want to share it. We want to help people reach their individual goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, to improve their general health or even to improve several chronic or non-chronic diseases (yes, that’s possible with food!).

We tried every (fad-) diet out there. We know what works and what doesn’t, depending on your individual body type. But we don’t want to train people 1on1. We want to help a lot of people all over the world. No more 500 calories diets, no more 2 hours of treadmill every day. We create a “plan” that fits your lifestyle, food preferences, background and more, without being hungry all the time or overdoing it in the gym.

Everyone is different, so how come fitness gurus preach “their” diet to everyone? Paleo might work for you but not for me. Same with Low Carb, High Carb, etc. You get the idea. Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it works for you!

Mind you, there are no “bad choices” if you realise and know what you put in your mouth and how it affects your whole body and mind.

You will never read articles like “How to lose belly fat fast” or “100 Tips for the best bikini body” from us, because we don’t believe in quick changes. We believe in sustained change, which will give you more than just a perfect bikini body.

We want to show you how simple this change can be. You don’t have to go to the gym every day! In fact, you don’t have to workout at all, if all you want is to look lean and athletic. Seriously! But if you want to, that’s fine. You just have to make healthy decisions step by step, day by day. And we will help you with that.

This journey is not about being as skinny as possible. It’s about being the best, most healthy version of yourself and be grateful for what you have. We dare you to wake up and embrace every moment of life. We dare you to be different.

If you want to get what everyone else is getting, do what everyone else is doing.

Go ahead and buy a stupid magazine with the latest carrot smoothie diet, loose some weight, feel like crap, gain it back and start over again.

We want to help you being the person that you were meant to be and do whatever the fuck it takes to get where you want to be!

If you truly want to be happy with yourself, then this blog will be your night reading and Slickcoach will be your best friend!

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