What is the best diet in the world to lose weight?

Ahhh. Diet controversy. Every guru out there has his own diet/regime/program/nonsense he or she wants to promote and each of them is superior, right?

But they all have clients for whom the diet worked, so it must be good, right?

Oh - you have a friend that did X and lost a bunch of weight you say? THAT diet must be the king of all diets then, right?

No. No. And no. What the heck is the truth then?

The truth

Initially this post was quite long. I explained the most common diet forms out there in great detail.

But you don't really care, do you? You want to know which one is THE BEST. Well, you got it! Let's face the reality! What is the best diet then!?

The one that suits you best.

Let me explain for a second. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different metabolism, taste, schedule and goal.

Just because a diet worked for somebody or even 3 billion people doesn't mean it works for you!

Some people do very well on a ton of carbs, some do very well on a ton of fat.

Some do well on high glycemic foods, some crave sugar all day if they eat them.

Some are super satiated from fat and protein, some will feel they haven't eaten anything.

No, carbs are not evil. Fat is not evil. Nothing is evil, unless you consume too much of it!

It depends on your body!

So, I'm sorry. There's no magic diet that you can follow to lose weight fast. There's just not. If somebody tells you there is, he's lying!

The problem with gurus and their diets is, that they always assume their diet is the best, just because it worked for them or some of their clients.

And honestly, their diet actually might work for you too. But it might as well not. Plus, as long as calories are equal, every diet works the same in terms of fat loss.

But, there's a difference in how you feel, how hungry you are and how your body reacts.

That's the important part! There are many factors that come into play, in order to decide which diet form suits you best. For that reason, we developed a questionnaire to give you an educated answer. If you fancy that, feel free to use our free diet check. Seriously, it's actually free advice!

We don't want to sell you any specific diet. We don't profit from telling you to eat paleo or gluten-free or only wood. We just want to help and restore trust in the fitness industry.

Even if you don't want our free advice, that's fine! But please, please, please,
do me one favour! Don't blindly listen to diet gurus that want to sell you only one specific diet.

Every good nutritionist should consult with you, before he or she can come up with a diet regime. Anyone who sells his/her diet as THE diet is full of ... apples.

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